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KING Alex “Russian Bullet” Honda S2000 runs 8’s

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KING Alex “Russian Bullet” Honda S2000 runs 8’s

Here we have the KING Alex Cheban “Russian Bullet” Honda S2000 running his personal dream record passes.

This car was brought to us for his final attempted since he had taken it to 3 other shops which couldn’t get anywhere. He told us “I’m going to give you guys 1 chance” & we told him that’s all we need. After going through the entire car & set up we end up changing some of it to our specs.

Here is the modifications list:

KP Stage 3 short block

  • Benson Sleeves
  • CP/KP Spec pistons
  • KP Aluminum Rods
  • ACL bearings
  • H11 head studs
  • KP main studs
  • KP modified Oil pump
  • KP Timing Chain tensioner
  • KP Head gasket

KP Stage 2 head

  • KP RACE valve train
  • 100% Stock cams
  • Stock port

-KP 2000cc Hi-Imp Injectors (Good for ANY fuel)
-G-Force KP Spec H-pattern (Bolt-On) transmission
-Competition Clutch Tripple clutch
-KP 8.8 diff kit
-AEM V2 ems w/ boost controller by vehicle speed
-AEM Failsafe Wideband/Boost gauge
-KP 10 point Roll cage & parachute
-KP RACE spec alignment

He told us he wanted a 1,000 whp car that ran 8’s & we gave him one that makes 1,132 whp & running 8.8 @ 165mph. This car is a 100% full weight street daily driven car, nothing has been removed out of the car, more like added it weight with the 10 point roll cage, parachute, full stereo system, 4″ SS Exhaust system, etc…

We are honored that KING Alex has given us the opportunity to prove that WE ARE THE KINGS! We didn’t give him any stories or BS, we delivered exactly what we said we would do + a little more.

For more information about the parts use on this project you can contact us by emailing sales@kingsperformance.com or calling (321) 235-2699.

Don’t forget that we can ship this parts & packages WORLDWIDE!


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