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I would like to give a big thanks to the team over at KINGS Performance for their guidance and help throughout my build. The prices at KINGS performance are very competitive, if not cheaper than other online or local shops. I have had extensive help with each department at KINGS from sales with walk-in purchases, to shipping me parts when I am out of state and need parts. The techs have been the biggest help along the way with providing countless amounts of knowledge to help me get a more clear understanding of what is actually going on with the car and also tuning whether it’s on the KINGS dyno or touch ups via street tuning or online. KINGS Performance stands behind me and is a big helping hand through my learning stages at the track for my quest for that 9 second pass. I would like to give a big thanks to everyone at KINGS for getting me this far and I am more than excited to see goals will be accomplished.

Romell Howell, KP800 Mitsubishi Evo 8

A KING Performance y a la Familia Reyes

Gracias por su apoyo incondicional a el Team El Humilde. Personas como estas son las que tenemos que apoyar para que ellos puedan seguir apoyándonos como Team para poder llevarles el major show posible. A nuestro Team nos han ayudado a tener las piezas necesarias y correctas a tiempo no importando de donde vengan y donde Deben llegar para poder siempre estar ready para la guerra (jajaja). En nuestra presentación de los Panamericanos tuvimos problemas con nuestro water cooler y nos lo consiguieron next day, esto es muestra de su compromiso hacia nosotros Y sus clientes. Estamos comprometidos con KING Performance y exhortamos a todos esos fiebrus y fiebruas a que también cuenten con KING Performance para conseguir un mejor desempeño de sus carros.

Gracias por su apoyo y compromiso!!!!

Team El Humilde Racing


Eu ja comprei varias vezes na Kings Performance e o atendimento é sempre nota 10! Os caras me dão varias dicas de acerto e das melhores opções de peças. Ja tive a oportunidade de viajar para Orlando e conhecer o Fernando (proprietário), gente fina e sempre disposto a me ajudar com preços baixos! Indico a loja pra todos!


Mitsubishi EVO8 KP900whp full carbon fiber body
Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo
Ferrari 430 Scuderia w/ KP Luxury package

Alexander F., KP900 Mitsubishi Evo 8

Sou mais um Brasileiro DOENTE por carros e preparacoes fortes!!

Tenho um mitsubishi Evo VIII full Carbon para pista , esse evo com cambio sequencial e engate com Gost Shift e uma Porsche 911 turbo para provas de velocidade !!

Conheci a Kings Performance a uns 4 anos atraves de um outro amigo que me indicou seus servicos e ai comecamos a fazer negocio e desse dia em diante nunca mais comprei em outra loja, todas as preparacoes sao feita atraves das pecas e projetos da Kings Performance!! A Kings Performance e uma loja , quer dizer era uma loja para mim porque agora a Kings Performance que e representada pelo Fernando se tornaram grandes amigos e sempre que preciso de algo para meus carros eles me atendem com rapidez , bons precos e principalmente CONFIANCA!!!

Grande abraco e sucesso a Familia Kings Performance .

Rodrigo Selle

Rodrigo Selle, KP900 Mitsubishi Evo 8

First a little background….I live in the UK and when I first spoke to Fernando I was running a TTS supercharged Honda S 2000. I was looking into the possibility of putting a built engine into my car and contacted various US suppliers. Fernando(Kings Performance) were the only ones who were decent enough to reply.

I decided to do the whole setup dealing solely with Fernando which it turns out was my lucky day. I bought Fernando’s Built 1000hp race engine from him, I also bought a Kings performance 3.5 turbo kit.

By this time I was communicating with Fernando direct using Whatsapp, so any questions or issues could be sorted immediately which was also a good thing. He responded to any questions immediately or very quickly, any time of the day or night,which was a great help to me. I never once got a negative response off him and he was literally there to help anytime.

Not only did he supply me with his own parts he also out sourced other parts for me so that my shipping pallet was fully utilized, which saved me lots of time and money sourcing these parts myself. All the parts supplied from stock were always at a discount/competitive price, also anything that wasn’t in stock was quickly ordered for me.

One of my shipping pallets consisted of 3 different orders for myself and 2 friends utilizing the one pallet to save money on the shipping costs. The parts consisted of 2 rear ends a8.8 kit and inline pro diff kit. Fernando did all the work getting the various parts together so they could all be shipped at once.

My Car….

It has a built engine with a Kings performance 3.5 turbo kit, Fullblown 8.8 diff kit with 5.9 Driveshaft Shop axles, a Quaife 69G Series sequential gearbox. There are lots of other components on the car needed to make up the complete package and all the parts I needed to import from America were done through Fernando…..I wouldn’t do it any other way. He has been an infinite source of help, advice and inspiration and the job would have been so much more difficult without his help. In my opinion I could not have received better service and back up even from a UK based company.

I’ve saved the best until last….I had a problem with the engine which I bought from Fernando, without going into details it was pretty much shot. Fernando was unaware of this but offered to have the motor back over to the States and fully rebuild it and also he payed the shipping both ways. He has since done this and although I haven’t fitted it yet I do have the engine back. This service is above and beyond what I should reasonably have expected seeing the engine was a used item to start with.

I think that anybody lucky enough to be close enough or even living in the US could not get better service and backup anywhere.

I have dealt with quite a few company mainly in the UK but I have never dealt with a company so competent, helpful and genuinely good guys, who it just so happens build amongst the fastest S2000s in the world.

I would without hesitation recommend Kings Performance and if possible especially Fernando. He has without doubt helped me to build one of the most complete and competently fast S2000s possibly in Europe. I am proud to have dealt, and still continue to keep in touch with Fernando, and surprisingly for a “yank”, has a real good sense of humor.

I wish you all the very best of luck for the future and keep up the Good Work and Customer Service that you provided me with.

Glen Clark
Honda S2000 powered by KP800 package

Glen Clark, KP800 Honda S2000

I have been doing business with Kings Performance for over 6 years. I was locked into a relationship with them ever since I was taken advantage of by another shop. Fernando steered me in the right direction, helping me pick up the pieces of a very unfortunate situation. He was patient with my indecisiveness and never rushed or pressured me to make a move until I was certain on what I wanted.

Since then I’ve used Kings Performance for countless advice, parts, and help with several personal projects as well as customers builds. I am beyond happy with their service, performance, and overall positive attitude that just makes you want to be apart of everything and push your project to another level.

I highly recommend Kings Performance to all my friends and customers. Their prices are unbeatable, and their customer service is unparalleled.

There are too many things to list what makes Kings Performance better than the rest. But their results speak for themselves!! Time and time again they crush world records but they don’t stop there….they continue to push the envelope surpassing their own records which were already thought of as impossible. From personal experience they helped me with the right parts and guidance to push the limits of my personal S2000 ( was King Fernando’s red one). With their help I was able to achieve the stock block record with 823hp to the wheels with a untouched bottom end, stock ports, stock cams, stock intake manifold, etc…

As they say “The proof is in the pudding”….. well Kings Performance proves themselves time and time again and will continue to have my business!!!!

Thanks guys!!!!!

Jeremy @ Elevated
Honda S2000 823whp – Highest Stock Motor Record

Jeremy Sunkel, KP800 Honda S2000

I just wanted to take a little time out of my day to tell you all, I am more then proud to be a member of the KING family.  I had always been searching for great shops to try out and once i discovered KP back in

2010/2011 I knew where home was!  The amount of help that I was given  from not only Fernando, but the entire staff from KP was amazing!  I didn’t have to deal with the constant waiting back and fourth to get the answers I needed.  Everything was direct, and straight to the point with extremely fast responses.  Their turn around time was amazing.  I dropped off my AP2 at the time and since I lived in Jacksonville and my given circumstance, my car was back with the KP Kit within one week.

The products, quality, and pricing is amazing.  You will not find a better product for the cost of their PROVEN kits.  When it comes to other parts, whatever that may be, KP was there to help during numerous of my builds and MANY other parts for my car’s and people I have recommended to their company.  KP is a special type of shop , where as all things can be done without any issues!  They are different because you aren’t dealing with getting the reach around, nor waiting forever to hear back….even with the amount of business that is going on at the shop.  I would not go anywhere else due to the fact of loyalty, pricing, customer service, and the friendship that has grown between the team at Kings.  Much love and respect to the ones taking the time in their lives to produce these products, and make it affordable for everyone to enjoy their passion of cars!

“KING” Brent
Honda S2000 powered by KP600
Cadillac CTS-V Supercharged

King Brent, KP600 Honda S2000

“I wanted to send a personal note to say thank you for looking after me and my 2010 GTR. This is my first real sports car in some 15 years. The GT…R has been a dream of mine since 2008. To say this is my baby and I am overly protective of it would for sure be an understatement. I know I was a pain in the ass following up constantly and asking tons of questions. I appreciate you being so patient with me.I appreciate Kings Performance ensuring all performance upgrades were bulletproof in reliability and safety. For me seeing the nearly 160 WHP gain to my car was awesome. The 550+WHP has made me love this car even more. Driving it is just exhilarating. I cannot express my thanks enough to Kings Performance for integrating the 3” intakes, BOV’s, Cobb Access port, KP 1000cc injectors, FBM 270lph fuel pumps and the ceramic coated KP 90mm Down, KP Mid and entire AAM Exhaust to my GTR. Seeing Kings Performance fully tune it on the dyno was and awesome experience for me. This makes me the owner of the most amazing cars I have ever driven. I will be back for more and will recommend you all to every performance car enthusiast I know.
Thanks for making me a Raving Fan of my GTR and Kings Performance!”

Rob Conti
Nissan GTR R35 w/ KP 600hp Power Package


Rob Conti, KP600 Nissan GTR

“We’d like to start off by saying thank you for everything & sending our deepest blessings to you all. This venture started as a gift for my awesome fiance and immediately turned into a gift for us both. A simple KP Stage 1 turbo kit for him allowed us the joy of a lifetime. We both found the level of quality and concern for the customer to be top notch and we’re honored to have been apart of it all from start to finish.You guys are true kings in our eyes and are forever family to us. For anyone searching for the best look no further then Kings Performance”.

Thank you Fernando and Kings Performance Family!

Queen Nancy & King Craig
Honda S2000 w/ KP Stage 1 turbo package 600whp
Maryland, USA

Queen Nancy & King Craig, KP600 Honda S2000

“I bought my S2000 10 months ago. It was my dream car, my goal, my baby. I washed it every weekend, drove it hard, and showed it off at every opportunity. It was the fastest thing I’d ever owned, and driven. Through an fateful encounter, I managed to pay the car off in this short period of time, so my mind began to drift towards modifications; but where to start? The S2000 is a theft-magnet to begin with, so the fewer obvious visual modifications I added, the better in my book. I thought about exhaust, intakes, headers, suspension, the whole nine yards. I wanted more power, as the car handled quite well enough for me, but getting smoked by big block V8s without even a chance of competition weighed heavily on me.

After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion I wanted to enchance my baby with Forced Induction, as this would be the most complete solution for my power goals. I wouldn’t need to piece a lot of parts together, and do it in stages, I could get it all in one fell swoop. Easy on the mind, easy on the wallet (relatively.) As I’m sure we all know, the words “turbo” and “cheap” do not go together. I hunted over the internet endlessly. Mulling over many turbo kits, some established, some simple, some questionably cheap, some outrageously powerful. Since I’d settled on the concept of what I wanted, I just had to make the decision:

Piece it together, do it myself or take it to a tuning shop and trust in their skill and hope that it all turns out well.

To be honest, I didn’t know of any reputable shops, and was hesitant to trust them with my most precious possession. I also didn’t trust my untested hands in the realm of extensive and complicated car modification. Tuning and dynoing aside, there were many hurdles to the DIY approach that I wasn’t ready to face just yet. Perhaps if I’d stuck to headers/exhaust/intake, I could’ve started doing DIY stuff that way, but not with a project this big as the first one. So, tuning shop it was; great, where and what is a good one?

I hunted again on the Internet, but unfortunately, no reliable results turned up. On an offhand comment, a friend of mine suggested Central Florida Turbo; he said he and friends of his had had quality experiences there in the past, and that they could serve as at least a baseline for other shops. Sounded reasonable, and so, to Google I went. No results for CFT were returned, but there were some for a place called Kings Performance, at the same address. Curious. My friend called the shop, discussed the particulars of the kit I was looking for and hashed out a very competitive price for an all-in-one package. Things sounded good, and we could start on the work in a week. Blessed providence, let it not be fickle.

The day came to have our consultation, and I spoke to Fernando, who himself has a modded 800whp AP1 S2k and so was the perfect guy to talk to. We further clarified what the package included (the Stage I Kit, to be specific), possible hurdles, time frame for getting the job done, and future steps once the job was complete. I left feeling secure and informed about what was to take place in the coming days. A few days later, it was time to drop the car off.

Like watching your child get on the bus to school for the first time, I felt a mixture of fear, uncertainty and remorse. Had I done the right thing? What if it blew up? I’ve only met these guys once, do they know what they’re doing? These are all things, if you’re a first timer like me, you will be faced with. Take it from me, your CAR is fine. YOU will be fine. You have placed your trust, your money, and most importantly, your car in the hands of a team of skilled, and professional car nuts. These are the type of people you want working on your car. They live, breath, and sleep gasoline, noise, and horsepower. Anything they put in your car, they’ve put and used in their own. They won’t sell it to you, if it hasn’t been proven in the fires of the track, competition, or the street.

It took about two and a half weeks to get the job done completely, with unexpected road blocks addressed. This time frame, I’m told, is lightning quick for fabrication, installation, tuning and dyno of a complete kit. Additional hurdles I encountered was needing to relocate the battery to the trunk, installation of hood spacers to reduce hood rattle, relocation of a bung on the exhaust remove vibration in the cabin, installation of an oil reducer to the turbo to remove the excessive amount of white smoke coming from the tail pipes (which is a hit or miss thing on S2ks,) and a needed installation of a Stage IV clutch. A thing I found out through experience, and hopefully you will by reading this, is that nothing ever really goes according to plan with modifications like this.

In some ways, cars are similiar to people when it comes to their insides. Sure, we can all buy the “same” S2k in the show room, but when it comes down to it, they will each have unique differences and quirks that you don’t know about, till you’re waist deep in the engine bay. I was consantly worrying about what was going on because work kept going over the projected deadlines. Frustration set in, and that’s never a good thing. I held my tongue, and remembered that Fernando and his team have been doing this for a long time, and wouldn’t lead me astray. Trust and have patience.

These endevaours were rewarded when I finally picked up my Silverstone Metallic S2k cleaned and fresh with twice the horsepower she had when she went in. Fernando showed me all the work they had done, and anything I’d need to keep an eye on in the future. He produced dyno sheets, the original injectors, catalytic converter and EMS for me to take home. For the first tune, I was at 335HP to the wheels, due to the stock clutch slipping at anything more than that, and practically evaporating already. The new clutch installation took two days, and was very smooth. After another tune, I was at 398HP and 280lb/ft of torque to the wheels.


How can I describe this? Relief, adrenaline, excitement, greatness, surprise, noise.

Even weeks later, I still get a rush of adrenaline smashing on the throttle, hearing that turbo spool up, and leaving all the econoboxes and SUVs full of office workers, soccer moms, old people and those annoying sheep who’ve never considered the possibility of a world beyond the speed limit, far far behind. They should consider themselves grateful to be bathed in the torrent of noise and power I unleash upon them. I like to think it wakes them up. It certainly scared one poor woman who wasn’t expecting a spit of flame and her doors to rattle as I came flying by.

So, the experience at Kings Performance? Excellent, cost-effective, informative, mostly painless and ideal in every way. There’s no run around, no hidden fees, everyone knows what they’re doing and they do it right. If you’re a car nut like I am, you’ll fit right into a family of people dedicated to making good cars better and more importantly, faster. If you need any serious modifications done to your car, trust in these guys, you won’t be disappointed.”

Mr. Brian Barnett
Florida, USA
Honda S2000 400whp

Brian Barnett, KP400 Honda S2000

“I have had a very positive experience dealing with Kings Performance in Orlando, Florida. My initial selection of Kings Performance was due to their experience with Nissan’s and Honda’s. I spoke with Gerardo regarding performance upgrades for my already capable 2010 GTR. We decided on the Kings Performance Stage I package, a nicely balanced upgrade, with good value. After visiting their tuning shop and speaking with Sergio, Gerardo and their personnel, I felt very comfortable with their knowledge and professionalism, so I proceeded with the upgrade.

The performance parts were promptly ordered by Gerardo, arrived and installed in a timely manner. Sergio and Gerardo were very informative during the upgrade process and also referred race track locations and information for the novice level participant.

Thanks Gerardo and Sergio for all your help. My GTR runs VERY WELL and I’m very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Kings Performance. Kudo’s guys.

Best regards”,

Steve Z.
Florida, USA
2010 Nissan GTR R35 600hp

Steve Z., KP600 Nissan GTR

They need no intro.
They really are KINGS! A good friend of mine pointed Kings Performance out to me so, I checked them out. Needless to say I was eager to do business with them in buying quality s2000 parts. I recently got an AP2 transmission for my AP1. Not only was it the “Best Deal” on the internet (searching forums such as s2ki.com and Honda-tech.com and even surfing ebay.com) but it was shipped fast, and packaged properly with ratchet straps and wrapped up. I also bought a new Competition stage 2 clutch and again, searching around found they had best deal and shipping was amazing and again, fast. Both Sergio and Fernando are fantastic guys and have already began spreading the word of KP to all of my friends looking for more power, at fantastic prices. Looking forward to a long relationship with this company, thanks again guys! I’ll be in touch.

Honda S2000

RJ, KP Powered Honda S2000

“Over the past 6 years I have done alot of business with Kings Performance. I must say they are great group of guys. Fernando has helped me from my s2000 turbo build to getting a new turbo for my evo. They continue to expand and grow and Hands down are one of the best in the business! Not only will they go above and beyond for there customer they know the products in which they sell which is hard to find nowadays. They make your car goals into reality. What more can a customer ask for!

I highly recommend Kings to everyone!”

Andrew Shepard
500+hp Mitsubishi Evo VIII

Andrew Shepard, KP600 Mitsubishi Evo 8

“I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people at Kings Performance. I just had a run with a Hennessey Z06 and the blue brute had no real chance against my Kings GTR the only sad part was the Z06 blew itself up trying to keep up pace with the Kings Performance GTR R35. Once the racing was done and my brother tried to figure what was wrong with the corvette, now a ticking time bomb, he decided to get a trailer and tow it home. I flashed back to me shaking Omar’s hand (K.P. tuner), saying “great job on the tune”.

It started about 9 months ago when I decided to have some work done to my GTR R35, I was at the Nissan dealership Fla. Getting the oil changed and was asking about exhaust systems etc. they couldn’t offer much, heck the launch control cant be used either but that’s another story. As I started to leave, the parts guy on the other side of the counter leaned over and said to me, you should try Kings Performance. I asked who that was and he proceeded to tell me about a group in Orlando that specializes in turbo cars.

I then looked into exhaust systems not yet calling the folks at Kings Performance to help me out. After all how difficult could a bolt on system be and it should give me a lot more power right? Wrong, it only added 25 to 30 HP which wasn’t what I was looking for and I wasn’t happy.

I now looked up the Kings Performance information. Gave them a call and talked to a guy named Sergio (the owner) who told me they could do a tune on the car, all I would need is a Cobb Access Port, he could order it today and then we could schedule the tune; this sounded great.

The tuning was a great experience; I watched Omar @ Kings Performance (the tuner) squeak another 102 whp from the GTR R35.

After a few months I raced the Z06 mentioned above (my old Hennessey Vette now owned by my brother). We had two races, the cars were near tied, but from a rolling start the vette seemed to pull a little better. I thought to myself, shit. I’ve got 545 WHP and that still is not enough.

This is when I looked into the Hennessey 800 Package, thinking that I would really like a little more power for the GTR R35, and they did a good job with the Vette. So I went to the web site and then called them up, total cost $5X,XXX (I would receive a $ 4,500.00 discount for the Access Port and Mines exhaust so 4Xk to me for 813 fwhp).

I just about had a heart attack, were they serious, so I sat sad for days thinking that my GTR was doomed to a simple tune. Don’t get me wrong the tune which added 100+whp was great but it wasn’t enough to put that Z06 in its place, right behind me in the rear view mirror. I could not afford the Hennessey package; I wanted and needed more ponies under the hood.

So, I called up Sergio at Kings Performance, told him what the Hennessey package consisted of its also on the web site, with its 813fhp, Sergio said he would go over the package discuss things with his brother Fernando, and get back to me with a proposal as soon as he could.
The following day Sergio sent me an email with a quote for a package far better than Hennessey’s (my opinion) for 6k less than Hennessey’s.

My heart sank, my dream once again disappeared, I couldn’t spend that kind of money, and I just couldn’t justify it. So I sat depressed for a few days and gathered the strength to call Sergio thank him for the quote but told him I just couldn’t afford it.

When I called Serge to explain, he was very nice and he asked me what kind of budget I had for the car. I thought about it for a second and said probably 12 to 15k. As the hours and days went on my budget did increase and Serge, his team, and myself came up with a 900 package.

I feel the Kings Performance 900 kit is superior to all others offered. It required no internal modifications to the motor other than the turbos, and the King’s package offers the best of the best in parts. It also allowed my input to be considered so the build is one of a personal nature.

Now I have a car that I am once again very HAPPY with thanks to Kings Performance.

My car runs GREAT and has not even come close to being beat since I had the work done, the car puts out 800whp 900+ fhp on the Stock motor, and gets that power to the road reliably with a Sheptrans tranny. Kings Performance now maintains several of my vehicles and they are the only mechanics that will ever work on my GTR.

Thank you to everyone at Kings Performance”

Mark D’Onofrio, loyal customer
2009 Nissan GTR R35 with KP GTR1000

Mark D’Onofrio, KP1000 Nissan GTR

“I have bought the Kings Performance stage 3 RHD turbo kit for my honda s2000. I have to say I have dealt with professionals in all terms regarding technical questions about installment and shipping, tracking numbers. All items from within this kit have arrived in a very short time and in good condition. I am sure i will deal more parts and items from them a happy customer is a returning customer is what i say. I am sure i have made friends with a serious company that will not hesitate to help when i ask them. I will recommend any one to deal with them about all necessary parts upgrades and performance you will ever need.

Thank you especially to Fernando Reyes and his team.”

Ian Grech
Honda S2000 800+whp Turbo

Ian Grech, KP800 Honda S2000

“I am very pleased to have done business with Kings Performance, they are very quick to respond to emails with patience and great knowledge, they also have excellent prices. I recieved my parts with extremely fast international shipping and everything looks amazing. Concluding they have a top notch customer service & expertise.

I would highly recomend Kings Performance to anybody in the World.”

Cristiano Costa
Honda S2000 450whp Supercharged

Cristiano Costa, KP500 Honda S2000

“About a year ago I told my self I would finally build a turbo S2000 which has been my dream car since I got into modifying cars. As a previous owner of several well put together turbo civics I wanted to do as close to a perfect turbo setup as possible for the S2000. So after being blown away by youtube videos of the most impressive street S2000 I have ever seen, I went strait to the horses mouth and I got in contact with the owner of the car; Fernando of Kings Performance. We mapped out a setup that mimicked his and would more than meet all my goals. Unfortunatly I was going through a tough time financially and starting talking to another; what I thought at the time was, reputable company to see my options and ended up settling for a kit that was less than what I really wanted. Long and the short after a 7 month ordeal I got completly taken advantage of and lost all the money I spent and recieved no parts. Devistated I went back to what I knew I should have done in the first place, and followed my insticts and again got in contact with Fernando. Kings Performance was a breath of fresh air, or better yet a light at the end of the tunnel that kept me motivated and continued on with my project. I have never experianced this caliber customer service from any other company….period! Fernando helped me make decisions to choose the best setup for my needs and new goals. Throughout the process I must admit, I was very indecisive and was constantly changing my mind, but he was patient with me and there every step of the way always focused on my best intrests. I recently recieved my parts with extremely fast shipping, and everything looks amazing! The qaulity is among the best in the market and I have already test fit everything and this is the first time Ive ever had aftermarket turbo parts that fit perfectly in place on the first try without having to hack up or modify anything. I would highly recomend Kings Performance to anybody, I should have gone with them from the beggining and saved alot of time, money, and aggrivation.”

Thank you Fernando and the rest of the Kings Performance staff who has helped me along the way!

Jeremy Sunkel
Honda S2000 800+whp True Street

Jeremy Sunkel, KP800 Honda S2000

“I want to say thank you very much for helping me get my parts in a very quick manner. The response even on a sunday afternoon is just going above and beyond customer service. Not just one person but 2 people Omar & Fernando responding and helping me out with my cars! You earn respect and a life long friendship along with a customer for life.”

Thanks isn’t enough that can be said to you guys!

Gabe & Rachel
KP1200+whp Turbo S2000
Oklahoma, USA

Gabe & Rachel

“In a very competitive world like the one we live today, you have to be among people that understand the demandings of modern race and street scenario. Many things are necessary to answer the needs of this market, among them are: Passion, knowledge, responsability and competitive prices. Well, after so many years trying to find everything in one place I had a very pleasant surprise when started doing business with Kings Performance, they got it all!!!”

Alam Martins
Rev It Up, Brazil

KP Package in Brazil, Your Content Goes Here

“After many years in this industry I’ve bought parts from many different places & I have to say that this people have the BEST customer service & expertise. They are capable of building pretty much anything you can imagine. That is why I am part of the Kings Performance Race Team.”

Brent “MF” Rau
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse RWD 4G63 1400+whp
2007 NHRA Sport Compact Modified class Champion & Fastest Modified car on the PLANET powered by Magnus Motorsports!
Best E/T 6.81 @ 201mph

Brent “MF” Rau, World's Fastest & Quickest NHRA Import Modified Class

“I’m a very picky individual and have extremely high expectations. I’ve come to see other shops operate well below the standard of service and knowledge. They only care about the customer’s money, and not the customer. The crew at Kings Performances are class acts. Very helpful and understanding. Their service is great, they treated me with respect, and their knowledge of the industry is world class. I highly recommend Kings to anybody I can and without any doubt in my mind. I will be a long time customer with Kings and I know that my vehicle will have a great shop now and in the future.”

Thank you Kings Performance!

Florida, USA


“Whether it’s street or strip these guys can get it done. From the customer service to fabrication you can expect nothing but top notch service. Never once have they let me down. Always going the extra mile to help. Need your car tuned??? Don’t worry, the best tuners in Florida period. Some of the guys have learned from the best there, and it shows.”

Diehard racers…I highly recommend Kings performance, you won’t be let down.

P. Ferreira
1994 Honda Civic KP900+whp Outlaw
Florida, USA

P. Ferreira, KP900 SFWD Package

“This is the best racing shop… Period! The level of professionalism and integrity is beyond that of expectations. I am very glad I have them working on my Evolution.”

Henry Silva
Mitsubishi EVO9 KP450+whp
Florida, USA

Henry Silva, KP500 Mitsubishi Evo IX

“You guys have done a great job on the car. In particular I’m impressed with the quality of the work and the commitment to quality from everyone at Kings Performance. The car looks like it just came out of the showroom and none of the parts look like they’re after market bolt-on’s – everything looks OEM.”

Mark Rishell
KP800+HP Turbo Honda S2000
Florida, USA

Mark Rishell, KP800 Honda S2000

“On behalf of myself Kevin Jeffrey we would like to extend our gratitude to you and your staff. Ever since I bought the Evolution 8 and I started working on it trying to fix it, we always had problems. We had two tuners tuning the car and not one ever made it feel this good! However, this time around, the motor felt very powerful and it performed great!
With no practice time before this race meeting and heading into this race meeting I got to qualify on Saturday due to a broken front left output shaft. On Sunday I started at the back of the grid and ended the race one right on the AMS time attack rear bumper in fourth. Second heat race he started fourth, alongside the AMS car. Then disaster struck! The car started to miss and back-fire and he had to withdraw from the race in the first lap. Up till now I puzzled as to what had happen that made the car miss-fire. Omar may have some info with respect to what happened. Omar and I changed the plugs and Omar went through the Data from the AIM and Motec and reviewed the Motec mapping and but found nothing. We tried the car and no problems were found. We started the third and last race head in last position. I got a flying start and was on the back bumper of the AMS car at corner one, there was a big pile up in corner one which delayed him from the rest of the leading cars. He battled back and ended the race in third place. When all was done, I said at the end of the day. This was the best the motor ever felt. Omar brought the power out of the motor and I can say so myself! The motor felt very strong from low to mid, but would flatten out around 7000 RPM and that was due to a rich mapping. Motor was running a bit hot in the later part of the race, so Omar made it a bit rich to make the motor safe.

Sergio and Fernando, you could not have sent a better person than Omar. He is a knowledgeable, pleasant and great guy and very helpful in any race team.

Thanks very much!


Kevin Jeffrey
KP900 EVO8 Time Attack
2010 Caribbean Series Champion
Guyana, South America

Kevin Jeffrey, KP900 Mitsubishi Evo 8 - Time Attack

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