We are extremely happy with the results of the 1st race of the year with the KP / Alkhan Racing Game Changer Stock Chassis S2000. After the few changes we have done to the car in the last few weeks, the car is starting to head in the right direction. Consistency is what we look when we build a race car and as you can see we have achieved it. Now it’s time to start adding power and focus on going faster. This particular car still a STOCK Chassis which means the only thing that has been cut is parts around the transmission tunnel to fit the GForce clutchless transmission, Mini-Tub to clear the Weld Wheels 15×12 & M/T 28×10.5″ slicks.

From all of us at Kings Performance we’ll like to thank our client KING Amer for trusting us 100% with his car and giving us the opportunity to achieve his personal goals and have a WORLD RECORD Car, Orlando Speed World for giving us the BEST track to race on and all our sponsors for the support.

1st pass: 7.41 @ 182 mph
2nd pass: 7.40 @ 182 mph
3rd pass: 7.52 @ 180 mph
4rd pass: 7.53 @ 180 mph

This car is equipped with a KP1300 power package:

-KP Spec F22C sleeved block (CP Pistons, Carrillo Rods, KP head studs, KP Main studs, KP TCT, KP Sleeves, F22C crankshaft)
-KP Spec Head (KP Cams, KP Vtec killer, KP/Supertech valvetrain, NON Ported head)
-KP Clutch kit w/ hydraulic bearing
-GForce 2000 5 speed transmission
-KP Solid 9″ Bolt On Rear Diff kit
-KP/BC Racing Coilovers suspension
-KP Stage 5 Turbo kit w/ Precision 8285 GEN2 T4 Turbo
-KP Water to Air Intercooler kit
-KP Drag Radiator & fan kit
-KP Race fuel system
-KP Pro-Drag wing
-KP Pro-Drag Roll cage
-KP Pro-Drag parachute kit
-KP Drag wheel package
-FuelTech FT500 ecu
-FuelTech Nano Wideband
-FuelTech Dual solenoid boost controller
-FuelTech G-meter & sensors
-Spark Tech S2000 Drag II Sequential COP/CDI
-KP Race Harness
-KP Spec Interior