Our 1st test for the new born KP / Import Tuner HONDA S3000 was a complete success. We went out with the mentality to go from point A to point B since we needed to set up the new @fueltechems FT500. After a few burn out and launch data we felt very comfortable that we could try a 1/8 mile pass. We did (2-3) 1/8 mile passes to get the Data we needed, so on the 1st full pass ever we achieved a 7.9 @ 166 mph with a very conservative tuned. The clouds were starting to come our way, so we decided to make one last pass before the rain and we ran the 2nd full pass of the car 7.8 @ 173 mph. The car will be shipping to the owner in Panama in the next few days. Stay tuned, Videos coming soon….


Honda S2000 chassis
KP Spec Toyota 2JZ 3.0 liter engine
Stock Port head
KP Spec CP Pistons w/ HP Plus wrist pins
KP Spec Aluminum Billet Rods
Ferrea Comp Plus Valvetrain
KP Spec cams
HKS Cam gears
Gates Racing timing belt
KP Spec Oil pump
KP Spec Head studs
Billet main caps
Meziere Electric water pump
KP RACE T4 turbo manifold
Precision 8685 Billet T4 turbo
KP 4″ Aluminum Downpipe
KP Quick Disconnect Aluminum piping kit
KP 6″ RACE Intercooler
(2) Precision 46mm wastegate
Precision 64mm BOV
KP RACE Aluminum radiator w/ SPAL 12′ Fan
Gato RACE Intake manifold w/ (12) Injector fuel rail
Skunk2 90mm Throttle body
KP Spec Fuel system: (12) Bosch 2200cc Injectors, Weldon Regulator, Weldon 2345 Fuel pump, Weldon fuel filter, KP Fuel lines & fitting kit
FuelTech FT500 ecu
FuelTech Dual Solenoid Boost Controller
FuelTech Nano wideband
FuelTech Injector drivers
FuelTech pressure sensors
RACE Engine harness
(6) Honda K-series ignition coils
KP Spec TH400 Automatic transmission
KP Spec Torque Convertor
Aluminum flex plate
KP 9″ Solid Rear End kit
KP Spec Strange coilover suspension
Belak 15×12 Double Beadlock wheels
Mickey Thompson 29x11x15 slicks
Belak 15×3.5 front skinnies
Mickey Thompson 24.5x4x15 skinnies
KP Front & Rear Light weight brake kit
KP Brake Booster eliminator kit
KP Carbon Fiber cooling plate
Turbostart 16v battery

We want to thank the following people/companies for making this possible:

KING George Sin / Import Tuner Panama for giving us the opportunity to build him this amazing project.
FuelTech USA for supplying us with the best technical support anyone can ask for.
Belak Industries for the SEXY Wheels
Carlos / Fastec & George for the wiring
Precision Turbo for always delivering power
Ferrea Racing
CP Pistons
THP Machine Shop
Orlando Speed World for the BEST Track
Quality Chassis Shop for the chassis work and alignment
809 Autoworx Body shop
The entire staff at Kings Performance for always delivering RESULTS!!!








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